Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness tutorials for employees

Information Security Awareness tutorials are designed to equip employees with practical tools for dealing with different cyber security threats that they may encounter in their day to day work.

In every organization, access to confidential information is usually limited to authorized people. However, with today’s technological advancements, corporate data breach attempts are constantly on the rise. The most common breaches can be attributed to human behavior. Protecting organizational information starts with employee education, hence the need for practical training that will help employees to understand risks and identify potential threats.

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Information Security Awareness Tutorials - Who is it for?

Information and Security tutorials suit organizations that want to raise their employees’ awareness and teach them to identify the basic threats that are risk factors for the organization. 

We provide a learning package that is divided into multiple courses, each addressing a specific topic such as Internet use, social media, remote work, social engineering, and phishing, etc. The tutorials support multilingual organizations and are available in the following languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What does Information Security Awareness tutorials include?

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Legal framework

The tutorial provides a solution for the Information Security Awareness requirements of ISO27000 certification. Regudo’s tutorials provide a general introduction to these topics, and do not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied upon. It is the company’s responsibility to fully understand the policies and reporting obligations and act within the organization’s frame.

Why choose Regudo tutorials?

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