Our OKTA integration simplifies trainee management in Regudo. It auto-updates trainees’ details and status directly from Okta in an automated, self-sufficient process.

Customize your synchronization for all employees or selected groups, mapping employee properties from Okta to the appropriate fields in Regudo, optimizing efficiency and personalization.

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Our AzureAd integration streamlines trainee management in Regudo, auto-updating details and status directly from AzureAd in a hands-off process.

Configure your synchronization by selecting AzureAd groups and mapping properties from AzureAd to Regudo, for an efficient and personalized experience.


Our integration with Priority Human Resources streamlines data management in Regudo. It auto-updates employees’ details, with options to customize synchronization for all or selected personnel groups.

This integration also offers a course mapping feature. You can connect a Priority course to a Regudo training program, giving employees direct access to their training. On successful completion, a ‘Passed’ status is automatically recorded in Priority.

Find out more about the benefits of Regudo integration on the Priority Marketplace.

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